About me

I'm a product designer with decades of experience working on projects for different clients. I grew up in the computer age and have been fascinated with technology - and all kinds of gadgets and gizmos - since I was a little kid.

I work at a table with an open laptop with my back to the lens.

My philosophy

My design philosophy is straightforward: Understand your project's target audience and goal, then help your users achieve their purposes by crafting intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces that are stunning.

My goals

My main goal is to create original and valuable products that solve a problem, including attention to detail and crafting experiences that delight clients and users. I strive to create a positive environment for collaboration with team members and other stakeholders in developing user-centered products.

My skills

UI Design

I create beautifully designed interfaces that are both functional and engaging.

UX Design

I’m excellent at creating a clean, thoughtful User Experience that exceeds the customers’ expectations.

Product Design

I'm solving everyday product problems with innovative design.

User Research

I'm listening to customers and helping provide the best experience for them.

Brand Design

I can design your logo, product, or website to reflect your unique brand.

Front-end Development

Build quick, beautiful, and performant websites.

My experience


I work on branding, websites and apps for different companies.

Lead Product Designer

Jun 2017 — Present
  • Close cooperation with startup founders.
  • Preparation of assets for individual brands
  • UI, UX, User Research, Design Audits, Product Design


Learn and grow with help from world-class mentors


Feb 2022 — Present
  • Job search, Career advice, Leadership, Mentorship, Design Skills

On Deck

Community for experienced designers who want to accelerate their careers and become confident leaders.


Jun 2021 — Present
  • Mastermind Group Facilitator.
  • Professional development my own career.
  • Access to a trusted network of peers and creating a bigger community togerher.

Founder & Lightning

Partner with non-technical founders to build, fund and scale revenue-focused tech companies.

Senior Product Designer

Feb 2021 — June 2022
  • Close cooperation with startup founders.
  • UI, UX, User Research, Design Audits, Product Design


Gambling industry's leading technology company.

UX/UI Designer

May 2019 — Nov 2020
  • Creating cross-platform user experience.
  • Develop design requirements which strive to deliver intuitive and user-centered solutions.
  • UI, UX, User Research, Design Audits, Product Design.


Leading online betting company.

Senior Designer

Jan 2017 — May 2019
  • Mentoring and leading a team of product, visual, 3D, Motion designers and freelancers (10 people).
  • Taking responsibility for day-to-day creative development and execution of campaigns.
  • UI, UX, User Research, Design Audits, Product Design.