Jul 1, 2022
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The Time

Julia found herself confused, but excited as she entered the office of her new employer - the Time. The office was an unusual layout, with several different rooms, a reception area, but also a large seating area.

"Hi there, welcome to The Time." Said a cheerful voice behind her. Julia turned - another young designer, a little younger and more stylish than her.

"Hi," Julia said nervously. "What is this place?"

"Hang on, I'll show you." The designer wandered into the seating area and began tapping at one of several large touchscreens. Immediately, a large demonstration page opened up.

"You customise your page with news you're interested in, starting with the big stories and moving down. This way you always know what's going on."

"I t... look, I'm here for the job interview. I'm sorry to bother you."

"Oh, no bother. This is my job, we have to explain the system to new visitors. it's just that in a few weeks everyone will change their page so much we'll have to start all over again! Anyway, a Job interview - at The Time! That's really exciting."

"Y... yes, I suppose it is."

"To be honest, we were sure they'd hire one of the main designers from our department, but we're so excited they're hiring on a recommendation from our main office in New York, and what a recommendation! Hey, maybe you can tell me about the new Time app? Our office loves that, we're always making little improvements. Although, you know, we were totally working on in-app purchases before that app came out, right?"

"H... hold on. I'm not a UI/UX designer! I'm a freelance illustrator, and I really don't know anything about the boundaries of a role related to my profession ." Julia hated losing her temper, especially with her new employer, but she really didn't know how to deal with this.

"Oh. Well, I'm sorry. It's just..." The designer's screen had opened up to a career opportunities page, listing many different openings. Julia saw now that it was a different office to the one she had visited.

"I'm very sorry, but I think you have me confused with someone else."

"No, I'll totally hold on to your email - I know they're hiring a freelance illustrator, and I know you're the one. The Time! That's a dream job. Really, just give me a call if you're interested. I'll be your mentor of course..."

Julia hurried away, still confused but no longer excited. Would they be moving so fast with an illustrator?

As Julia made her way down the stairs, she spotted a newspaper. It had been lovingly crafted, and the pages were slightly textured - from palm tree rings, perhaps? It felt like she was holding a piece of history in her hands.

The cover alone was worth the price of admission: The headline 'Terror!'. Below, a particularly dangerous-looking news story, complete with an artist's (her?) impression of the villain.

She made it through the doors of the Time building.

Slowly, she made her way to the elevator.

Perhaps there was no need to feel sad.

Perhaps her first job had simply been taken by a better illustrator.

After all, if The Time weren't hiring her, it could only be better for her career if they weren't hiring anyone else either.

Or so she thought.