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Nov 2020

100 UI Library


The user interface screen library has 100 screens related to various apps. I focused on preparing this project so designers could learn as much as they could about the design of these specific pieces, and they also have an example of what a ready-made UI might look like.

Time: 4 weeks, 2020
Info: Personal project for Design and Dev community


Based on research, I summarized the key pain points from people's current state of knowledge at the beginning of the design journey.

• First steps issues

• Lack of knowledge of the design process

• Awareness of the tools

• Problems with creating consistent design

So, based on the users' needs, I tried to design the UI library in different scenarios - and also finish the whole product strategy.

I did this project with beginners in mind. Whether designers are looking to familiarize themself with app design or learn new things, the library can help to get there. The UI kit includes color palettes, icons, buttons, cards, and standard components for major app companies like Google and Apple.


User feedback has been excellent. We have file users saying that the UI kit was a great way to get started with app design and for other designers to share tools among team members. 

100 UI Library provides app designers with tools to complete app designs in less time. It is the first app design kickstart experience ever!

20k people bought/downloaded this UI kit. The main landing page recorded over 200,000 visits.