Jul 2021

Blind Cupid


Blind Cupid is a new dating app that pairs people with someone new based on personality type and psychological match.


12 weeks, 2021


Product design - working closely with the principal founder and dedicated team.


The founders of Blind Cupid were frustrated with the traditional app dating experience, which often involved endless swiping and superficial matches. They believed there had to be a better way to connect individuals based on deeper compatibility.

After researching personality type and psychology, the founders realized that there was a strong correlation between these factors and successful relationships. They developed the idea for an app that would use personality type and psychological compatibility to pair individuals with their most compatible matches.

To create the app, the founders assembled a team of experts in psychology, user experience design, and app development. They worked closely together to design the matchmaking algorithms and user interface, taking into account user feedback and data to continuously improve the app's performance.

Here are some other key goals:

✦ To improve the user experience by streamlining the sign-up and matchmaking process, making it easier and more enjoyable for users to find compatible partners.

✦ Increase user retention by providing high-quality matches and ongoing support and communication tools within the app.

✦ To create a safe and inclusive environment for all users, with a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination.

✦ To continuously gather user feedback and data to improve the app's algorithms and matchmaking process.

✦ To establish Blind Cupid as a leader in the online dating industry through strong branding, marketing efforts, and industry partnerships.

✦ To generate revenue through premium features and subscriptions while offering users a free version of the app.

The team also strongly emphasized creating a safe and inclusive environment for all users. They implemented strict community guidelines and a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination.


After publishing the app, Blind Cupid quickly gained popularity among users looking for more meaningful and compatible relationships. The app's unique approach to matchmaking resulted in a high success rate for users finding compatible partners and forming long-term relationships. 

Blind Cupid also received positive reviews and media attention, significantly increasing user engagement and downloads.

Also achieved:

✦ A significant increase in user satisfaction, as measured through app store ratings and reviews and internal customer satisfaction surveys.

✦ A notable increase in user engagement, with more users logging in and using the app regularly.

✦ An expansion of the app's user base, with an increase in downloads and new sign-ups from a diverse range of demographics

✦ The establishment of Blind Cupid as a trusted and reputable brand in the online dating industry, with partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders and influencers.

✦ The introduction of successful premium features and subscriptions, which have contributed to the app's revenue growth

✦ Positive media coverage and word-of-mouth referrals led to further increases in user acquisition and retention.