Feb 2022



Buzzer is an app that allows users to create a high-quality video that goes viral, gets them recognized, and competes in challenging games.

8 weeks, 2022

 Product design, branding, and web design. I was working as a leading designer with founders.


We came up with the idea, together with the founders, for Buzzer because we wanted to create an app that would be both entertaining and fun. The goal was to create something that would appeal to Gen Z's love of gaming and competition while also providing a service that would be useful to them.

Our research taught us the critical pain points that matter most in these particular user groups.

Designing the app to be simple and easy to use

✦ Focus on the gamification features, so we made the interface very straightforward

✦ Brand as a vital aspect of new business for app development

✦ Start using elements of competition and reward to make the app more exciting to use

✦ To ensure that everything ran smoothly and that the app was user-friendly

Creating an app is a lot like designing a game. You start with an idea and then begin fleshing out the gameplay mechanics and visual elements. And, like with games, the best apps are simple, easy to use, fun, and engaging.

Gamification is taking something already fun and making it into a game. By Gamifying an activity, we can make it more engaging and detailed. This can be done by adding elements like points, badges, and leaderboards or incorporating mechanics like levels and rewards.


We're delighted with how the app has turned out and got some great feedback from users. People have told us that they find the app helpful and easy to use, precisely what we were hoping for.

We're continuing to work on promoting the app and making improvements based on user feedback. We're confident that the app will continue to be a valuable resource for people looking to improve their well-being. Overall, we're thrilled with the results, and sure the app will continue to succeed.