Feb 2022



Buzzer app allows users to create a high-quality video that goes viral, gets them recognized, and competes in challenging games.


8 weeks, 2022


Product design, branding, and web design. I was working as a leading designer with founders.


When the company behind the Buzzer app started developing the platform, they knew they wanted to offer users something unique and engaging. They began by researching the current landscape of video-sharing and social networking apps, looking for areas where they could differentiate themselves and offer a fresh, innovative experience.

One of the critical insights they gained from this research was encouraging users to create and share high-quality content. They realized this could be a crucial factor in driving virality and engagement on the app, so they prioritized offering tools and incentives to inspire users to create their best work.

Here are some other key goals:

✦ Increase user retention by offering a consistently enjoyable and engaging experience.

✦ Expand the app's user base by targeting new demographics and markets through targeted marketing and advertising efforts.

✦ Implement new features and updates to the app to keep it fresh and relevant for users.

✦ Increase user engagement by offering incentives and rewards for creating and sharing high-quality content on the app.

✦ Foster a strong sense of community within the app by encouraging users to interact with each other and engage in discussions or challenges.

✦ Utilize data and analytics to continually improve the app and optimize the user experience.

✦ Encourage users to create and share high-quality videos on the app, leading to virality.

✦ Offer a platform for users to compete in challenging games and earn rewards.

The company implemented several vital features, such as video editing tools, a user-friendly interface, and a rewards system that rewarded users for creating and sharing popular content. They also developed a series of challenging games and competitions to drive engagement and encourage users to creatively push themselves.


After publishing the Buzzer app, the company saw a significant increase in brand awareness and recognition. The app quickly gained a large user base, with many users creating and sharing videos on the platform. The app's virality and competitive games helped drive user engagement and retention. Also achieved:

✦ Receiving positive reviews and ratings from users, which can help to increase trust and credibility for the app.

✦ Seeing an increase in user engagement and activity on the app, such as the number of videos created and shared, the frequency of app usage, and the amount of time spent on the app.

✦ Generating revenue through in-app purchases, subscriptions, or advertising, allowing the company to invest in further development and growth of the app.

✦ Building a solid and dedicated community of users who regularly engage with the app and each other.

✦ Gaining media attention and coverage, which can help to further promote the app and attract new users.

✦ Increasing the app's social media following and online presence can drive visibility and engagement.