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Project Type
iOS App
Dec 2021
Feb 2022
UX, UI, Branding, Webflow

Project Overview

Brading is vital for any business but essential for app development. When trying to reach Gen Z, you have to be where they are, and that's on their phones. I knew that we needed to make an app that would not only be fun to use but would also be reflective of the brand. We came up with the idea, together with the client, for Buzzer because we wanted to create an app that would be both entertaining and fun. The goal was to create something that would appeal to Gen Z's love of gaming and competition while also providing a service that would be useful to them.

I designed the app so that one person could choose a winner for each round, and the rest of the players would have to buzz in to try and guess who would win. We also built some promotional features, like sharing your score on social media to help spread the word about our app.

We started by researching the app stores to see what was already out there. We wanted to ensure that there weren't any similar apps and that we could fill a gap in the market.

Designing the app I wanted the app to be simple and easy to use, so we decided to make it a seamless app experience with a minimalistic design. We enjoyed the focus to be on the guessing game, so we made the interface very straightforward. We also wanted to make it fun and engaging, so we included some animation and sound effects. We also thought it would be an excellent way to get people to interact with each other and make new friends.

Project Execution

The execution of the project was essential to us. We wanted to ensure that everything ran smoothly and that the app was user-friendly.

Creating an app is a lot like designing a game. You start with an idea and then begin fleshing out the gameplay mechanics and visual elements. And, just like with games, the best apps are simple, easy to use and fun, and engaging.

Gamification is taking something already fun and making it into a game. By Gamifying an activity, we can make it more engaging and detailed. This can be done by adding elements like points, badges, and leaderboards or incorporating mechanics like levels and rewards.

These technics can help achieve this by making the app more motivating users keep coming back. By adding elements of competition and reward, we can make the app more exciting to use and encourage people to stick with it. Done right, gamification can be a powerful tool for creating successful apps.

In-app video editor is one of the hottest trends these days. And we decided to include it in our app to make it more engaging and fun. The Video Editor allows users to add funny effects to their creations. They can add filters, stickers, and even text effects. And best of all, they can share your edited videos with your friends directly from the app. We think this feature will be a big hit with users, and we can't wait to see what they come up with.


One of the most gratifying things about creating an app is seeing people use it and benefit from it. We're delighted with how the app has turned out, and we've gotten some great feedback from users. People have told us that they find the app helpful and easy to use, precisely what we were hoping for. We're continuing to work on promoting the app and making improvements based on user feedback. We're confident that the app will continue to be a valuable resource for people looking to improve their well-being.

In a sea of similar apps, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. Fortunately, our app has been well-received by users. We're also making improvements based on user feedback, which is essential for keeping the app relevant and engaging. Overall, we're thrilled with the results and confident the app will continue to succeed.

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