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Apr 2022



Paths is designed to help people explore new places and find hidden secrets. Whether you're looking for a new hiking trail or want to check out a hidden waterfall, Paths has you covered.

12 weeks, 2022
 Product design, branding, and web design. I was working as a product designer with founders and cross-functional team.


A successful brand is dedicated to a specific audience, and Paths is no different. By understanding the needs of specific audience and what type of content they are looking for. This allows app to attract new users and keeps them coming back for more. To achieve this, it is essential to clearly understand who your target audience is and what needs they have.

The cross-functional team discussed and summarized several solutions based on the use cases of each pain point. We finished our MVP with one final proposal that addressed all functionalities needed for this problem statement, making it possible to deliver value and establish credibility in relation to other stakeholders within your organization.

• Connects users with a community of like-minded individuals passionate about finding new and exciting places to visit

Focus on navigation and maps to explore possibilities for a new way of user interaction

• Experimental offline mode to create dedicated time and place for users to spend valuable time without screens

An app designed to help people explore and find hidden secrets in their local area. The app connects users with a community of like-minded individuals passionate about finding new and exciting places to visit. In addition to providing a giant map of the area, Paths offers user-generated tips and reviews to ensure everyone can see the best-hidden gems. Whether you're looking for a new exciting location to walk your dog or a hidden waterfall through exploring.

When most people think of navigation, they feel about utilitarian structures that serve a single purpose: to get users from one place to another. However, the way can also be a beautiful and inviting feature in any landscape. Carefully planned and designed, a feature can lead visitors on a meandering journey through a beautiful places or provide a serene space for reflection. By incorporating specific dedicated features such as curves, changes in elevation, and focal points, it is possible to create a functional and visually attractive path. With a couple of creative adjustments, the possibilities are endless.


Since launching, Paths has been downloaded by hundreds of people. For results, we need to wait, but the app has a good impact. The main thing is that it is helping people to be more active, which is excellent for their health and the environment. There are also some other positive effects, such as people spending more time outside and getting to know their neighbors. We are delighted with the reception and look forward to seeing how Paths will continue to grow.