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Pludo is an app that allows users to engage with experts and influencers.

Project Type
iOS App
Sep 2021
Oct 2021
UX, UI, Branding, Webflow

Project Overview

Pludo is an app that allows users to engage with experts and influencers by sending them questions or requests for advice. The app was created to make it easier for people to request help from trusted, followed, or respected experts.

The app is designed to remove intimidation from interactions between ordinary people and public figures. Most question-and-answer social media sites are based on text, making it intimidating to ask questions or request help.

Pludo allows influencers to create content for their audiences by posting multimedia like voice records and interactive chat. This new app allows these online personalities an additional way of engaging with their fans.

Project Execution

Users download the app and create a profile that includes their interests, areas of expertise, and favorite topics. Users also can connect with others by following them through social media sites like Instagram or Twitter.

The app is available for iOS devices. The app contains a variety of multimedia components for users to interact with influencers conveniently. These features include:

  • Testing quick advice from creators using the anonymous user settings
  • Sending personal questions to creators using Ask Questions
  • Posting pictures and videos to ask viewers' opinions on particular questions
  • Posting photos and videos to express themselves without asking any specific question
  • Commenting on posts made by influencers as well as sharing them
  • Sending messages directly to creators
  • Following influencers and seeing their posts in the app feed


Pludo has proven to be a useful app for influencers and their fan bases and brands.

Both celebrities and brands post regularly on Pludo. Influencers share information that is often helpful or exciting for app users. Brands use Pludo to show fans what they're working on and who the app can help people become better acquainted with their products and services. These posts get comments from app users, which can increase engagement between brands and fans.

Pludo is an app created especially for celebrities and companies to interact with their users in a fun, engaging way. The app has many features for influencers and followers to develop unique connections that wouldn't exist otherwise.

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