Nov 2021



Pludo is an app that allows users to engage with experts and influencers by sending them questions or requests for advice.

Time: 6 weeks, 2021

Product design, branding, and web design. I was working as a leading designer in a small team.


The team realized they needed to design a product for people with different needs and interests. We did this by dividing the target audience into two groups, allowing us to create something specific depending on your dynamic community of influencers.

This situation provides us plenty of scenarios because now there are multiple options available at each end: products or services (us); end users who will use these things differently based on what type(s)of person we're talking about and with whom we work.

We started off by generating a pretty open-ended problem statement. We synthesizing feedback and research to define new modern profile page to enhance user experience.

By improving the user experience and making it easier for influencers to connect with their audience, we need to have enhanced one of Pluto's most essential features: profile navigation.

✦ User profile as the primary function and center for all activities

✦ Testing quick advice from creators using the anonymous user settings

✦ Sending personal questions to creators using the Ask Questions feature

✦ Posting pictures and videos to ask viewers' opinions on particular questions

✦ Posting photos and videos to express themselves without asking any specific question

✦ Commenting on posts made by influencers as well as sharing them

✦ Sending messages directly to creators

✦ Following influencers and seeing their posts in the app feed

✦ Separate Wallet functionality to provide more extensive flexibility and to speed up the whole flow of processes

The new design also offers some much-needed improvements, such as a simplified card layout or an interactive follower list which makes following people on social media more accessible than ever.


• Brands are turning to Pludo for a more engaging way of interacting with their fans

• The most popular social network app amongst this group is Pludo, with an impressive 80% satisfaction rate

• Influencers and their fan bases have found Pludo to be an excellent app for sharing information, both exciting and helpful

• Posting on this platform can help influencers engage with followers in new ways while providing brand opportunities that cater to different needs