Exclusive music rarities

An app that features rare and exclusive recordings from artists.

Project Type
iOS App
Jul 2020
Aug 2020
UX, UI, Branding

Project Overview

RareWave is a music app that features rare and exclusive recordings from artists that would otherwise be unavailable to consumers. The app will focus on independent musicians or those who have been under the radar but are now becoming more well known. Artists featured in the app will offer exclusive content such as interviews with other musicians, live recording sessions, podcasts about their work, etc. There will also be a social media aspect to the app, in which users may follow other people and react positively or negatively to postings. Users may also choose to share their favorite tracks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if they wish.

Project Execution

RareWave will be available in app stores for iOS. The app will have a simple layout that is easy to navigate and understand for users but has some hidden features uncovered after looking around the app more. The app uses minimalistic design & animations when scrolling through content such as list items, etc., but also changes its header color with the featured recording artist of each post. This makes it easier to find new content from your favorite artists by going to their page, where you can see all of their posted recordings or live sessions at a glance on a single page thumbnail view with a play button above it. In addition, there are tabs at the bottom of the screen dedicated to jumping from one part of the app (ex: Explore, Posting, etc.) to another.

One exciting feature of the app is a #hashtag that users can search by to find similar music from artists. For example, if someone searches for #indiemusic, they will see all the musicians who have used the app and put out exclusive content with this keyword in their title or tags. This helps users discover new bands/musicians based on what other musicians are putting out.

The app also allows you to post your own recordings or photographs (similar to Instagram) if you choose, but these posts will not be featured as prominently on the app as those posted by musicians themselves. The app will allow 30 seconds preview clips, but if you want more information about one of these recordings, there is a link to a webpage where the app source is from to get more information.

The app will also have a built-in music player that allows users to find and play all of their favorite recordings quickly and easily without leaving the app, but if they decide to go to the app while listening to a recording, it will continue playing when they return. RareWave will be monetized through video ads in between posts or on top of some screens, but these ads should not draw attention away from the content being offered by musicians themselves. In addition, there may be an option for watching a video ad before you can post your own recordings/pictures, which would help support other musicians using this app.


This app will give users of both app stores a chance to discover new music that would have otherwise been unavailable to them while also giving musicians on these app stores the opportunity to get exposure for their own content being released exclusively on this app.

The app is a way to bring both musicians and users together to share rare/exclusive content that would otherwise be unavailable. It also allows musicians to make money off of their own recordings without relying on the app itself to do so (although it will help promote their content through app promotion & ads).

Depending on what app they prefer, users will be able to listen to new artists and bands they have never heard before, all in one place, which could expand the reach of these up-and-coming artists. Also, this app can provide recommendations based on what others are listening to for those looking for new music similar (keyword: #hashtags) or related (ex: follow other users) to their favorite bands/musicians.

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