Mar 2021



RareWave is a music app that features rare and exclusive recordings from artists that would otherwise be unavailable to consumers. The app will focus on independent musicians or those who have been under the radar but are now becoming more well known. 

Time: 6 weeks, 2021

Product design and brand design for app that features rare and exclusive recordings from artists.


I did a detailed analysis of current interfaces of different brands and experiences - then summarized four key problems for the design language and general experience beyond the UI.

✦ No easy access to exclusive materials

✦ Inconsistent visual compliant

✦ Poor usability

✦ Old visuals and lack of aesthetic

Based on the key problems, I tried to design for a more aesthetic UI and - and also focus on the whole access to exclusive materials.

By improving the navigation experience, making it easier for music fans to connect with each other, and updating the look and feel, we will have enhanced the artist experience.

The app will give users of both app stores a chance to discover new music that would have otherwise been unavailable to them while also giving musicians on these app stores the opportunity to get exposure to their own content being released exclusively on this app.


Users have welcomed the new app redesign very well. The changed functionality and the new user interface were mostly well received.

35% of testing users said they would engage more with their profile with the new design.

65% of testing users said they would check musicians' profiles more often with the new design.

80% of testing users felt more comfortable completing tasks in the profile with the new design.