May 2021



Sounds is a music app that allows users to create playlists based on their moods. Listening to music is becoming an intimate process that can be very new experience.

Time: 12 weeks, 2021

Product design and brand design for music app with recognition technology to determine the user's musical taste.


I detailedly analyzed users' needs and summarized 4 critical findings for the design language and broad experience.

✦ Music is an integral part of our life

✦ Music help concentrate and perform better daily

✦ Listen to music has evolved over centuries, and today, it's more personal 

✦ The whole experience needs to be more than simply listening to a favorites artist

Based on the findings, I tried to focus the design on a whole new experience on an AI-based solution to understand a user's mood and then offer him a list of suitable songs from a vast library.

By improving the music recognition technology, the app can determine a user's musical taste and provide appropriate recommendations later.

Intuitive app design enables a fast and dynamic music exploration experience, adjusted to user preferences (based on app usage patterns).

The app can adequately determine the user's musical preferences thanks to an AI-based song recognition system. It also offers suitable recommendations depending on his current mood or occasion.


The app allows users to share music at a higher level. Listening to music is becoming an intimate process. The positive feedback we received from a small group of people allowed us to confidently propose a more comprehensive solution in future versions.

As a new concept, the app has much to improve, but it's one of the best music experiences. The first user tests on the prototype show great potential in involving algorithms in defining the user's taste and mood.