Link your mood and music

The app uses music recognition technology to determine the user's musical taste.

Project Type
iOS App
Mar 2020
May 2020
UX, UI, Branding

Project Overview

Music is an integral part of our life. It's everywhere, in everything. We listen to music while we are at work or relaxing at home. It helps us concentrate and perform better, or simply feel better about ourselves. However, the practice of listening to music has evolved over centuries, and today it's become more than just a matter of personal taste and liking.

If you're not interested in something - just turn the radio off! And that can be done with any app nowadays - Spotify, Apple Music, etc. But what if the app knows your taste better than you do? What if it analyzes your daily behavior and suggests songs? The app should learn about your mood throughout the day, interact with you without being too pushy or demanding. It should share your emotions and, in the same way, relive them again with you.

The app called 'Sounds' does just that! No more searching for music, no more wasted time. Just turn on the app and start listening to what you feel at that moment. And that could be anything from classical music to hard rock, from jazz to pop - whatever fits your mood best.
After all, music is an experience that can't be expressed through words but only through sound! So why not let the app pick out some of its "favorite songs"?

Moreover, it allows users to create playlists based on their moods. This app does not require an internet connection, enabling users to enjoy their music privately within four walls of the home or any other environment they are comfortable with. The app is straightforward and intuitive to use. It has a design that facilitates fast and dynamic music exploration, adjusted to the user's personal taste.

Project Execution

How are these sounds detected? After choosing a song based on the user's moods, the Sounds app analyses the user's emotional state through an 'emotional' graphic equalizer. Each element of the app is created with a different audio frequency to match the user's emotions. The app follows that graphic equalizer and tries to show the relationship between music and human feelings.

What are the app's key features?

  • The app uses artificial intelligence to understand a user's mood and then offers him a list of suitable songs from a vast library.
  • Using music recognition technology, the app can determine a user's musical taste to provide appropriate recommendations later on.
  • The app allows users to save their playlists based on specific moods or occasions. It can create travel playlists or party playlists, as well as many others.
  • The app also allows users to create their own playlists by adding songs they like best.
  • The app does not require an internet connection (offline mode), enabling users to enjoy their music privately.
  • Intuitive app design enables a fast and dynamic music exploration experience, adjusted to user preferences (based on app usage patterns).
  • Thanks to an AI-based song recognition system, the app can adequately determine the user's musical preferences. It also offers suitable recommendations depending on his current mood or occasion.


The app allows users to share music at a higher level. Listening to music is becoming an intimate process that can be experienced freshly entering the user's soul. As a new concept, the app has a lot to improve, but it's one of the best music experiences so far. The first user tests on the prototype show great potential in involving algorithms in defining the user's taste and mood. The positive feedback we received from a small group of people allowed us to propose a more comprehensive solution in future versions confidently.

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